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The following events may be of interest to Commercial Vehicle owners and enthusiasts. Please remember - all are welcome to club runs. You do not have to bring a vintage vehicle or truck. You are welcome to attend in your everyday vehicle. The one common thing is that we all share an enthusiasm and interest in historic vehicles. For more info on the listings below please contact Graham Kircher (07) 3207-5159.

If you would like to attend any of the General Meetings we now have a new starting time:

The club decided that the General Meetings are now starting at 7:30pm instead of 8pm.
Still at the same location the address is::

Salisbury Senior Citizens Hall, 87a Cripps Street, Salisbury QLD 4107

Wednesday, 4thGeneral Meeting starting at 7:30pm
Wednesday, 18thCommittee Meeting starting at 7:30pm
Sunday, 15thCLUB RUNKalbar Showgrounds Swap
Wednesday, 1stGeneral Meeting starting at 7:30pm ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING as well after the General Meeting.
Wednesday, 15thCommittee Meeting starting at 7:30pm
Wednesday, 6thGeneral Meeting starting at 7:30pm
Wednesday, 20thCommittee Meeting starting at 7:30pm

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